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Our vision is for everyone to be chosen for our differences instead of being rejected because of our differences.



Diversity in Technology

As of 2020, women held only 28% of all the jobs in the tech industry, despite women making up almost half of the total workforce.

In 2020, of the 28% of women working in tech, White women made up 14.1%, 9.6% were Asian women, while Black and Hispanic women accounted for 2.2% and 1.7%, respectively.

83% of boys in high school opt for STEM subjects, while only 64% of girls opt for STEM subjects.

We want to change the current situation for women in tech by creating a positive environment for future women and girls. It’s not just about closing the gender gap. It’s about education, empowerment, and evolution. We want to do our part to drive change for the future of women in technology. 

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