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Purpose guides you.
Mission drives you.
Vision is to what you aspire.
Impact is what matters.

What Drives Us

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone to be chosen for our differences instead of being rejected because of our differences.

Our Mission

Providing financial and foundational support for diverse individuals as they gain their educational training in pursuit of a sustainable career in technology.

Our Core Values

  • The Lane Technology Foundation stands strong against systemic bias and discrimination.

  • We believe everyone, no matter their ethnic groups, genders, cultures, religions, lifestyles, languages, education, viewpoints, and abilities, adds value to society.

  • We believe everyone should have the ability to gain an education of their choice without the stress of financial burden.

  • We believe in providing a multi-layered support system, as we know there is no one clear answer to every issue.

"Jim is tech driven.  Kate strives to make a difference through diversity, inclusiveness and unity in the world"...

Founders' Objective

Jim & Kate Lane both have a passion for assisting young adults. They know not everyone learns the same and not everyone has the financial resources for a traditional 4-year college education. They understand that sometimes individuals need to catch a break and get a little more support in their path to adulthood.  Jim is tech driven.  Kate strives to make a difference in diversity, inclusiveness and unity in the world, one small step at a time. By brainstorming together, with friends, and colleagues the idea of a non-profit scholarship foundation was developed.

Their commitment is to financially support the development and operations of the foundation for the first 2-3 years. Their business, Lane Technology Solutions, will fund a minimum of one scholarship package, each year, for the first 2-3 years, as well. By assisting in this financial support, their hope is to allow time for the foundation to raise needed funds to become self-sufficient.


This foundation is also a means to allow for a legacy to be established in their name.

Let’s Make a Difference Together

2211 Lee Road, Suite 210

Winter Park, FL 32789

Tel: 689.206.9385

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