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Board of Directors

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Kate Lane, Board of Directors -  Founder / President

Co-owner of Lane Technology Solutions.

Kate's passion for equality sparked the concept of Lane Technology Foundation.  Giving everyone the opportunity to the resources to education and a sustainable career were her motivation.  But she knew she could only do so much solo.  Founding Lane Technology Foundation provided the vehicle to truly make a difference on a larger scale.

Jim Lane headshot.jpg

Jim  Lane, Board of Directors -  Founder /  Vice President

Co-owner of Lane Technology Solutions.

Jim wanted to create a legacy that will carry on well past him.  He also has a strong commitment to give others a head start to a successful career.  By founding Lane Technology Foundation he can fulfill both these missions.  


Jim knows a 4-year degree is not always a desire or the right choice for everyone, nor is it needed to begin a path into the field of technology.  Late in his professional life, Jim began a new career in technology by attending Orange Technical College (OTC).  He knows the curriculum and the value this education taught there brings.  So when it was decided to create a scholarship foundation it was an easy choice to implement OTC into the scholarship plan.

Olga Kaza, Board of Directors - Treasurer

Director of Finance at Lane Technology Solutions.

Olga has a strong background in finance, and for her to join Lane Technology Foundation as our Treasurer was an easy choice. 

Olga brings a wealth of knowledge, other than finance, too.  Her input is invaluable to the board.  She looks forward to seeing how this mission enhances the lives of those seeking a new career path in life.

Jennifer Lane, Board of Directors -  Secretary

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Minette Marcial, Board of Directors

Minette brings so much knowledge to her role on the board.  She has a passion in helping organizations scale and transform their business results through creative and compelling content, programs and customized training solutions. Her diverse career background added to her compassion and desire to see other succeed, is the reason she is the perfect fit on the board at Lane Technology Foundation.


Gabriel Nelson, Board of Directors

Systems Engineer II at Lane Technology Solutions

Gabriel has a strong background in customer service and music production/engineering. He, also, attended OTC.  


Gabriel brings knowledge and compassion to his position on the Board.  Gabriel is always making sure the little details are covered.  Everyone depends on him to keep a cool head and find the quickest way to the solution when things go a little sideways, as they sometimes do in technology.


Gabriel is an avid traveler that genuinely enjoys learning about different cultures/people (as well as learning in general) and still maintains his musical hobbies.

Rohan Wallace, Board of Directors

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